1 | 20 Disp – 30pzs – 28g c/u

Everyone’s favorite. Made form perfectly selected roasted peanuts, in our classic 30-count box.

Giant Mazapán

461 | 19 Disp – 20pzs – 50g c/u

The Mexican-style marzipan that conquered the world now available in giant size.

Small Mazapán

174 | 25 Disp – 60pzs – 12.5g c/u

Enjoy the delightful, unique flavor of Mazapán in smaller bites. Now available in a 60-count box.

Mazapán 12

4 | 48 Disp – 12pzs – 28g c/u

For those great little sweet cravings, regular size Mazapán in a 12-count box.

Toasted Coconut Mazapán

2077 | 20 Disp – 30pzs – 21g c/u

Now you can try Mazapán de la Rosa with a new natural ingredient: toasted coconut. Enjoy.

Mazapán Sugar Free

378 | 24 Disp – 30pzs – 21g c/u

Your favorite snack is now sugar free. Enjoy its unique flavor in a 30-count box.

Powdered Mazapán

1851 | 12Bls – 908g c/bolsa

We just couldn’t help ourselves: Classic Mazapán in a convenient 1kg (2.2 lb) reclosable bag.